Shared Accommodation Rules and Regulations Are Getting Tougher Against Smokers

It is not uncommon to see landlords and flatmates who are interested in sharing to state that they would prefer non smokers to share the room or flat that is for rent. Just take this recent advert that was placed on a popular flat-share site where someone called Gregory is looking for a flatmate – “Flatmate wanted for short or long term basis for $180 per week. The large upstairs room is fully furnished and is North facing. It is about 5 to 10 minutes wall from the nearest bus stop and within walking distance of some of the more popular hang outs. I would prefer a non smoking female who is looking for a nice chilled atmosphere, to share with me. The place is available as from the 1st of November 2012.”

Just look at this listing where a flatmate is needed in Victoria Park, Perth as advertised by the landlord. The advert went live at the beginning of October 2012, where the room that is up for grabs is situated in the South East region of Victoria Park. The ad reads – “Furnished room with own fridge, TV, DVD player, double bed within a new flat/apartment and only 5 minutes away from the Vic Park station. I would prefer a non smoker to share this very large room with.”

Why The Fuss About Smokers Renting Shared Accommodation

You just wonder if this kind of discrimination against smokers are allowed. Some seem to think that the landlord or flatmate who is looking to share their accommodation have all the right in the world to discriminate against smokers. There are no discrimination laws that protect smokers and it is a known fact that smoking inside the apartment will cause damage to the property, and may even make it unpleasant for the next person who is looking to share the same flat or apartment in the future.

What happens when a flatmate or landlord discovers that the person they took in said that they are a non smoker and it turns out that the person concerned gets caught smoking on the premises?

Apparently it is within the right of the landlord or flatmate to get the person who smoked to replace carpets, ducts or vents, and even pay for repainting the surface that got damaged if need be. It also serves as ground for evicting the person who smoked.

Smokers Find It Harder To Find Shared Accommodation

It is a known fact that smokers are finding it harder to find shared accommodation in Australia as well as other parts of the world. Out of desperation many a flatmate lie about their habit so they can get a place to stay. This is because the number of landlords or flatmates that will allow smokers in their flat has decreased substantially. Only one fifth of tenants living in shared flats are prepared to share their space with a smoker. A smoker therefore has a very slim chance to secure shared accommodation , which may require of them to consider kicking the smoking habit if they want a half a chance of living in shared accommodation Australia.

Finding Student Accommodation

If you happen to be a student from out of London area and have enrolled in one of the universities in London. You may be a bit worried as to how you are going to find student accommodation, London can be quite a confusing city and being able to find the right accommodation may seem like a big problem. There are a few ways that you could find the right accommodation in this big city that not only suits your needs but also suits your budget.

The first thing that you need to do is find out exactly the kind of accommodation you would be happy with. Are you going to be more comfortable living by yourself or would you like to flatshare with someone? Depending on what your choice is, you can then start looking for the accommodation that best suits you. If you want to live by yourself then your best option would be to rent a room. There are many rooms available for rent at prices that would suit your budget you can check out the many flatmate finder sites on the internet to find one. Living by yourself has the definitive advantage of privacy and the rent can also be quite cheap. But when you decide to roomshare, you should also be aware that there could be a few drawbacks. Most of the places where you can rent a room have common bathroom facilities and most of them also do not offer you the facility of cooking your meals. This means that you are going to have to share the bathroom with quite a few people and also your food costs are going to be quite high as you would have to take most of your meals outside.

On the other hand if you decide on a flatshare London, there are two ways you can go about doing this. The first is that you get a flat by yourself and then find a flatmate to share it with you. The other way is to look for someone who already has a flat and is looking for a person to share it with. If you look into flatmate finder sites on the internet you will not only find flats for rent but also people looking for flatmates to share their flats. Sharing a flat has the advantages of giving you a feeling of living at home while having the independence and privacy that you need.

So if you are new to London and think that student accommodation in London will be a difficult proposition. Looking up a flatmate finder service will not only give you many options, but will make it easy for you to find that accommodation that you are looking for.


Tips to Rent a Room When in London

Most students opt to rent a room in London, though the rent is not an easy one to manage. Though there are other options when checking for Student Accomodation London ads, room offers more versatility and freedom. To manage the associated costs and responsibilities that come with a room, many decide to share the premise with fellow students, or other individuals. Here are few tips to make renting and sharing a room, more feasible and a pleasant experience.

Agreement: Irrespective of whether you decide to share the premise or not, ensure the agreement is in your name. This way, you will have more control, should you decide to share your room. Many think, adding the name of the individual they share the premise with, will ensure they take care of their responsibilities. That’s NOT true. On the other hand, you as the person who originally contacted the owner would be liable and answerable to the owner! Besides, by adding the name of other individuals, you give them more rights and should you have problems with them later, or should they behave unruly, you will not have the rights to show them the door! Don’t get yourself into such a mess!

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Choosing Ideal Roommates: When you are sharing the premise, don’t choose any Tom, Dick and Harry that respond to your ad. It is important to speak with the individuals reply, understand their habits and lifestyle, preferences and tastes, suitability and then, determine if they can be suitable roommates. The key is to prepare a list of questions to ask, so one can avoid forgetting key questions at the last minute. It is a good idea to use the services of a flatmate finder like yChatter, which helps with finding the ideal roommate without much hassle. This is a mobile app, making it easy to discuss well ahead and meet only potential roommmates.

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Rights: While discussing itself, one must discuss the rights and responsibilities clearly. If you have a problem with sharing certain areas of the premise, certain furniture or your amenities, or have problem with guests, whatever, discuss ahead! Also, cleaning and keeping premise neat, should be part of the discussed responsibilities. Also, details like furniture requirements and if at all they’re allowed to bring in their own furniture should be discussed. When all the details are taken care of, room renting and sharing can be a pleasant experience.

Value of Rent a Room Process

A lot of of us imagine we are able to do the task ourselves and preserve the cash spent on hiring specialists to perform the career. Improved DIY kits and so known as on line courses for anything, has probably led us imagine so. Yes, it really is superior to take the hammer and nail the photo frame oneself, or do the laundry to conserve money, or look after the cleansing element, and so on. All this kind of straightforward tasks will most likely do you very good by giving you a lot more physical activity, in addition to saving a few dollars. But, really don’t you consider a number of jobs are superior left to specialists? Why do you believe pros specialize in a single thing, alternatively of becoming a “Jack of all Trades?” Since, it isn’t possible and handful of items, are far better accomplished by professionals! Likewise, yChatter’s flatmate finders processes are your pals, who can make sure your sharing expertise is often a pleasant one particular.

After you rent a room, the price may be higher as an individual. But, when you come to a decision to share it, you probably conserve a good deal. Also, the responsibilities are shared and also you have a particular person, you can seem up to, whenever you will need. Even so, this isn’t likely to be effortless. Getting the ideal mate is actually a tricky career, which could finish up getting a nightmare for those who overlook how it functions!

Every single day we hear horror stories about criminal actions and also a man or woman who was least suspect, undertaking treacherous actions. At occasions, we encounter feuds that arise due to distinction of viewpoint. Even worse, we see matters cropping up on account of religion. This really is a single cause why, we use pro service when looking at sharing a premise. Experts understand how to shortlist people, what questions to ask, what checks to accomplish, ways to ascertain their background and everything that’s connected. They hence assure the man or woman who is referred, is by far essentially the most suitable. They have a list of individuals trying to share premise, significantly like how they’re going to possess a list of individuals aiming to get in touch having a person wanting to share their premise. As a result, they will not need loads of time for you to get a handful of to make contact with you.

If you choose to go with sharing, put together a checklist of your tastes and preferences, responsibilities and what you like to know in the other person. Speak with a flatmate finder about this and get them do the function for you personally. After you really are a Christian, taking a look at a Christian Flatmate is best. Post adverts for Christian Flatshare, to get those who are of related interest. It is because, in addition to owning a buddy, you also possess a particular person who can share your faith and hence be a spiritual help after you need it probably the most. The least you’d choose to do is, choose up a battle owing to differences in religion, ruining your reports as well as the dream of your parents. Exercising precaution goes an extended way in making sure existence abroad is smooth and challenge totally free.

How to be cautious with roommate scams?

accommodation scamsHunting for the right roommate from the advertisement you placed on the roommate listings?  Whether these listings are for paid or not, most likely you will encounter a reply from someone who sounds interested to be your flatmate. However, they are only after your cash and possessions and not to be your companion.  There are many scams swarming the roommate listings.  Getting yourself familiarised with this condition will be your first line of defense against fraud and theft.  Educate yourself before getting the wrong person.

Scammers will tell you they saw your advertisement and they are in chase of honest and good roommate.  They tell you they are an agent who is staying with a relative in London.  They want to work in a new brokerage company in UK for a certain period.  They want to make confirmation about your rent, property, facilities, and payment deposit. They will issue to you cashier’s check good for a two-month rental. Lastly, they will ask your complete details about your mailing address.

The above shows a clear case of roommate scam.

Here are other ways on how to spot immediately roommate scammers

1. These are people from a different country.

2. They say they are moving to London to study, be employed or to fulfil a certain contract.

3. Normally, they only provide their first name.  If you respond via email requesting for their family name, address, or contact number, they usually don’t want to provide it.

4. They are willing to give you the final pay check coming from their existing employer.  They want you to deposit it to your bank’s account.

5. They have a false sponsor or an associate to send the money order, payment, or cashier’s check to you, but these are all fake.

6. They will request you for your important personal information plus the bank where you will deposit the check.  Often, they contend on a specific bank where the fake check should be deposited.

7. Their emails presume they are already chosen by you as their roommate and will tell you to take away the ads from the listing.

8. You may receive again related emails that look the same.  This time, they are using another name and information.

9. If you communicate with them via phone or email, ask for more information or do further interview, they become irritated, nasty, and will attack you with lots of emails, calls, and IM.

10. If you will answer emails for house mate lists, make sure to get information as much as you can about the person.  Ask some questions and feel confident when asking.  Keep in mind that you are transferring an unfamiliar person into your room.  Protect yourself by further asking what you want to know.  Trust also your judgments and pay attention to the red flags that rise up if you think you have an email that is suspicious.  If you’re not comfortable interacting with a roommate fraud, end your communication and report this incident.

Knowing what a scam is can protect yourself when it’s time for you to look for the right housemate.  Information is much needed.  The more information you get about the person the greater help you find in choosing your fellow occupant in London.